China Town

Tel: (551) 304-7613
386 canal street New York, NY 10013

Monday-Saturday: 11AM–10PM
Sunday: 12PM–8PM

*Up to 2 miles, on orders above $30

Hawaiian-Style Poké Bowls in Chinatown

Poké Bowl in Chinatown dishes poké bowls that capture the essence of traditional Hawaiian culture. The raw marinated fish, octopus, and tuna selections give life to Hawaii’s national dish. Deriving its name from the way it is prepared, the dish pays homage to its origins because it was first discovered by fishermen who prepared it by cutting fresh fish from their “daily catch”. At Poke Bowl in Chinatown, we use the same principle of catering only to the freshest from our “daily catch”, making sure you voyage to Hawaii with every bite.

New York’s growing trend of veggie alternatives such as cauliflower rice and noodles layered with fish, veggies, and fresh mango, has allowed us to curate a tasty menu that keeps you on track with healthy selections to choose from. Take the opportunity to learn about Hawaiian culture and cuisine, by asking our chefs which options and ingredients to choose from. Our menu guides you through only the freshest options to cleanse your palate.

Whether you are looking to enjoy a great meal at home or looking to go out to experience a healthy grub, look to our fast-casual restaurant in Chinatown.