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Poke Bowl Union Square

Tel: (516) 518-8058
26 East 17th St, New York, NY 10003

Monday-Saturday: 11AM–10PM
Sunday: 11AM–8PM

*Up to 2 miles, on orders above $30

Perfectly situated near the lively Union Square, this Poke Bowl NY location provides a delightful respite for shoppers, locals, and visitors in search of a refreshing and satisfying dining experience to have lunch near Union Square. The cozy ambiance coupled with our exceptional flavor pairings make it an ideal stopover for those enjoying the diverse attractions the park and surrounding area have to offer.

What Our Hawaiian-Style Poke Bowls Are About

Inspired by Hawaii’s lively culinary heritage, poke bowls harmoniously combine hearty proteins, crisp vegetables, and indulgent, flavorful sauces. Poke Bowl Union Square presents an opportunity to craft your culinary masterpiece, customizing your poke bowl. Dive into a personalized dining journey, selecting from our range of fresh, premium ingredients, creating a taste as distinct as you are.

Healthy Food Options in Union Square

With the fast pace of life in Union Square, finding a balance between health and flavor can be tricky. That’s where Poke Bowl comes in. Our poke bowls are meticulously crafted to offer a harmonious blend of essential nutrients and incredible tastes. Made from fresh, high-quality ingredients, our menu offers a variety of meals as nourishing as they are delicious, providing a guilt-free dining experience you can enjoy daily.

Dinner Union Square

End your day on a high note with a delightful dinner at Poke Bowl Union Square. Our diverse menu, featuring a wide array of seafood, meats, veggies, and sauces, allows for a light yet filling meal that will leave your palate thoroughly satisfied.

Lunch Union Square

Escape the midday monotony and savor a refreshing lunch at Poke Bowl Union Square. Our nutrient-packed bowls, filled with fresh ingredients and bold flavors, provide a rejuvenating break from your busy day, ensuring you stay energized for the rest of your afternoon.

Order Poke Bowls At Your Next Event

Turn your events into a gourmet experience with Poke Bowl Union Square. Whether it’s a corporate function, a friendly get-together, or a festive celebration, our customizable menu and efficient delivery service ensure your guests can indulge in a wholesome, delicious meal that is as enjoyable as the occasion. Each bite hints at a taste of summer, creating an unforgettable culinary journey for your guests.