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Poke Bowl Seaport

Tel: (908) 663-1649
127 Fulton St, New York, NY 10038

Monday-Saturday: 11AM–10PM
Sunday: 12PM–8PM

*Up to 2 miles, on orders above $30

Savor the delicious flavors of Hawaii by the waterfront. Situated at 104 Fulton Street, our Poke Bowl Seaport location offers a unique dining experience coupled with captivating waterfront views. Enjoy one of our meticulously crafted poke bowls while soaking in the serene charm of Seaport, turning every meal into a memorable occasion.

What Our Hawaiian-Style Poke Bowls Are About

Experience the heart of Hawaiian cuisine with our signature poke bowls at our Poke Bowl Fulton Street, Seaport location. We offer a fresh take on traditional island flavors, blending marinated seafood, crisp vegetables, and your preferred base with delectable umami soybean sauces. Our skilled chefs craft each bowl to your distinct tastes, ensuring a personalized culinary delight.

Healthy Food Options in Seaport

At Poke Bowl Seaport, we firmly believe that nutritious meals can coexist with delectable taste. Our diverse menu showcases this balance beautifully, offering customizable selections to cater to various nutritional needs. Each poke bowl is a tasty blend of carbohydrates, protein, and a vibrant array of vegetables, providing a comprehensive palette of essential nutrients. Here, healthy eating and great dining experiences go hand-in-hand.

Dinner Seaport

Immerse yourself in a captivating evening at Poke Bowl Seaport. As the day transforms into a mesmerizing waterfront spectacle, our diverse menu caters to every palate. Whether you crave a nourishing, light meal or a hearty, satisfying bowl, our selections guarantee a delightful Seaport dining experience.

Lunch Seaport

Energize your afternoon with a rejuvenating lunch at Poke Bowl Seaport. Our nutrient-dense bowls, abundant with fresh ingredients, provide a stimulating lunch option that leaves you refreshed for the rest of your day. The vibrant ambiance of the Seaport further enhances your midday culinary escape.

Order Poke Bowls At Your Next Event

Transform your next gathering into a foodie adventure with catering services from Poke Bowl Seaport. Offering a unique culinary journey through Hawaiian flavors, we bring the excitement of our poke bowls right to your event. Whether it’s a corporate lunch or a casual social gathering, our nutritious and delicious offerings promise to make your occasion stand out.