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Hawaiian-Style Poké Bowls in Seaport

Our Poké Bowl in Seaport caters to all your nutritional requirements, promoting a healthy balanced life filled with taste because we understand that health looks different to everyone, hence we have customizable selections to choose from in our diverse menu. Poké Bowl dishes are a combination of carbohydrates, protein, and a selection of crisp and colorful veggies that give customers all the essential nutrients. At Poké Bowl in Seaport, we pair healthy eating with a great experience, with a beautiful environment that allows you to grab a quick bite.

We serve the newest innovative way to eat fresh seafood. We use freshly prepared sliced marinated seafood mixed with chunks of veggies and any base of your choice, adding savory umami and soybean sauces to give a burst of flavor with every bite. Our chefs customize the meal according to your preferences.