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World Trade Center

Explore the fusion of Hawaiian flavors and iconic landmarks at our World Trade Center restaurant. Conveniently situated at 11 Park Place in Lower Manhattan, Poke Bowl World Trade Center harmonizes convenience and taste. Catering to both locals and visitors, we provide a delectable dining experience amidst the vibrant pulse of New York City.

11 Park Pl, New York, NY 10007

Mon – Fri: 11:00AM – 08:30PM
Sat – Sun: Closed


Our World Trade Center Restaurant

Located at the heart of Lower Manhattan, our Poke Bowl at the World Trade Center is a vibrant spot combining the energy of NYC with the serenity of Hawaii. We offer a convenient escape for quick, healthy meals in a bustling area, making it a favorite among both busy professionals and tourists. Near to NYC’s most iconic landmarks, it provides an opportunity to enjoy poke bowls while immersed in the city’s rich history.

What Our Hawaiian-Style Poke Bowls Are About

At the Poke Bowl World Trade Center restaurant, our Hawaiian-style poke bowls reflect a love for traditional island cuisine, adopted right from the heart of Hawaii and served on the streets of New York. Each bowl is a delicious adventure, allowing customers to revel in a burst of savory and sweet flavors. From the base to the freshest seafood selections, sesame oil, and your chosen toppings, each component is curated to suit your tastes.

Poke Bowl: A Tasty Vegetarian Restaurant in NYC

Embrace the flavors of Hawaii with our vegetarian-friendly options at the World Trade Center location. Our menu is abundant with plant-based choices, from savory tofu and edamame to a colorful array of vegetables and dairy-free sauces. It’s a destination where vegetarians and vegans alike can discover the joy of eating well without sacrificing taste or quality.

Healthy Food Restaurants Near WTC

We believe that healthy eating shouldn’t mean compromising on taste. With a menu featuring the freshest and most delectable selections, our knowledgeable staff will assist you in crafting a nutritious, customized bowl. Each of our ingredients is selected with care, promising not only a feast for your palate but also a nourishing meal that caters to your health and well-being at our WTC restaurant.

Dinner World Trade Center

As the city lights illuminate the iconic World Trade Center, our restaurant offers a tranquil dinner experience amidst the urban hustle. Whether you’re craving a light, balanced meal or a robust, flavor-packed bowl, our diverse menu caters to your evening cravings. Come savor the Hawaiian-inspired flavors as you unwind from a day in the city.

Lunch World Trade Center

Revitalize your day with a refreshing lunch at Poke Bowl World Trade Center. Our nutrient-rich bowls, packed with vibrant ingredients, provide a rejuvenating meal that fuels the rest of your day. Escape the office routine and enjoy a midday break filled with exotic flavors and invigorating freshness.

Order Poke Bowls At Your Next Event

Make your next event a culinary delight with catering services from Poke Bowl World Trade Center. We bring the unique taste of our Hawaiian poke bowls to your special occasions, ensuring a memorable experience for your guests. From office luncheons to more personal gatherings, our tasty and wholesome poke bowls promise to impress.