Event Catering at Poke Bowl NY

Hosting an event? Look no further than Poke Bowl NY. Our customizable catering services are suitable for events of any size, from small gatherings to large parties, offering a unique, fun, and nutritious dining option. Turn your next event into an experience your guests won’t easily forget! What Is a Poke Bowl? A poke bowl […]

Poke Bowl Calories

Poke bowls have become a crowd favorite, combining fresh ingredients with Hawaiian flavors. As with any dish, however, the calories can vary widely. This depends on your choice of ingredients and toppings. With some planning, they can be both delicious and nutritionally balanced. The number of calories in a poke bowl can vary widely depending […]

 Poke Bowl Recipe

Have you ever heard of poke bowls? They are delicious Hawaiian meals. You’ll find endless ways to enjoy this dish, from tuna and salmon to chicken and vegan alternatives. You’re in the right place if you’ve wondered how to make a poke bowl!  Hawaiian Poke Originating as a snack for fishermen using fresh, seasoned fish, […]

Poke Bowl Pronunciation

“Poke bowl” is a popular food from Hawaii loved by many. But sometimes, people aren’t sure how to say it! They might say “poke,” like the English word when you poke your finger into something, but that’s not quite right. What is Poke? Poke is a special dish from Hawaii. It’s made with pieces of […]

Poke Bowl Ingredients

A poke bowl is a great pick if you’re looking for a tasty, healthy, and quick meal. Inspired by Hawaiian food, these bowls are a mix of fresh ingredients that you can change to fit your tastes. There’s a poke bowl for everyone, whether you like fish, crunchy veggies, or different sauces.  What’s Usually in […]

Poke Bowl NY: Innovative Twists on Fresh Hawaiian Poke Bowls

Poke Bowl NY: Innovative Twists on Fresh Hawaiian Poke Bowl Discover a fusion of New York’s freshest ingredients and finest flavors at Poke Bowl NY. With 13 beautiful locations around the city, Poke Bowl NY brings the beloved Hawaiian dish to the bustling streets of New York. Learn more about poke bowls and what makes […]

The Finest & Freshest Catering Services By Poke Bowl NY

Nutritious Catering for Events Poke Bowl NY, where fresh and healthy catering options meet your dietary needs for any size group. Poke Bowl NY is a restaurant specializing in Hawaiian-style poke bowls with a twist and plenty of nutritious ingredients. With a focus on providing calorie-efficient and nutrient-dense meals, Poke Bowl NY offers a variety […]